Last week, I was thrilled to receive my very first award for activism! The Sam Adams Alliance bestowed its weekly “Irreverent Messenger” Award on me for my recent work against Colorado’s campaign finance laws. Here’s their description of the award:

“Irreverent Messenger” is presented to outstanding communicators who fill the void with smart, sharp, pro-freedom messages and do it with a little panache. Like Paul Revere, who effectively warned colonists of the impending British invasion, “Irreverent Messengers” have something important to say and are unafraid of taking center stage to speak their minds in the face of opposition.

Wowee! Rachael Stewart wrote up a wonderful blog post summarized what I’ve done, with tons of links. As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday, I received the “Irreverent Messenger” messenger bag, which sent me into fits of delight when I opened the package.

I’m so ridiculously appreciative! For someone like me — who squeezes in political activism here and there, as my schedule permits — to be recognized for my work by fellow activists for liberty is so heartening and motivating.

So… many hearty thanks to the Sam Adams Alliance! And take note… you can submit your favorite activist for liberty for this award using this form.

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