Apr 112011

On Wednesday evening at 7 pm MT, I’ll be webcasting my SnowCon 2011 lecture on “Cultivating Moral Character.” (As you might recall from a prior post, I screwed up the recording of the original.) I’m excited to be giving this lecture again for a wider audience — not only because I think the topic useful and important for living happily, but also because this lecture serves as a helpful prequel to my upcoming ATLOSCon lectures on the virtue of pride.

So… If you’d like to attend this webcast — or download the audio recording — you need to purchase access to it for $15 ($5 for full-time students). Or you can purchase access to the whole SnowCon 2011 Webcast. However, any contributor to Rationally Selfish Webcast will be able to attend this live webcast and/or watch it later for free — or receive $10 off the whole SnowCon 2011 Webcast. SnowCon 2011 attendees are welcome to join this webcast for free. I’ll be e-mailing all of those people the login and password to access the webcast later today or tomorrow.

After this webcast, the prices for this lecture and the whole SnowCon package will double, so I’d strongly recommend that you register before the start of the webcast on Wednesday. You can do so using the form below. Once you register, you will be e-mailed the url, login, and password for the recorded lectures and upcoming webcast. You will be sent an invoice for payment shortly after the April 13th webcast.

Here’s the abstract for my webcast:

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle speaks of cultivating virtues by repeatedly doing certain actions in certain ways. However, he never clearly explains the relationship between a person’s thoughts, emotions, actions, and character. So, we must ask: What is character? How is a person’s character formed? And what is the role of character in a person’s life? In this hour-plus webcast, I will draw on my dissertation to answer these criticial practical questions of ethics. The live audience in the text chat will be invited to participate in the discussion, as well as a question period at the end.

And here’s the full package of lectures and workshops recorded for the SnowCon 2011 Webcast:

  • Diana Hsieh: “Cultivating Moral Character” (webcast on April 13th)
  • Paul Hsieh: “Is It Right to Bear Arms?” (audio plus slides)
  • “Activism Panel” with Paul Hsieh and Ari Armstrong
  • Atlas Shrugged Reading Group Workshop” with Diana Hsieh and Jeremy Sheetz
  • Jenn Casey and Kelly Elmore: “Effective Communication: How Objectivists Can Use Positive Discipline Tools in Their Adult Relationships” (audio only)
  • Diana Hsieh: “Live Rationally Selfish Webcast” (video, with the audio freely available via NoodleCast)
  • Santiago Valenzuela: “Conservative Follies on Immigration”
  • Piano Recital and Lecture: Hannah Krening: Malevolence and Benevolence in Beethoven’s Piano Music

Unless otherwise noted, the recordings include streaming video and downloadable audio files. Further information on these lectures and workshops can be found on the web page for the SnowCon 2011 Webcast.

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