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Mar 282011

Thanks to Earl Parson of Creatures of Prometheus, hosts regular online get-togethers, particularly twice-weekly OList Virtual Socials and every-other-week Movie Nights.

These events have been going fabulously well. I find that they’re a great way to connect with my many awesome OList friends, as well as a way to get to know new Objectivists. In fact, these social events were one of the many reasons why SnowCon 2011 was so much fun: many attendees were regular participants in the OList Virtual Socials!

The only problem with these events has been that we’ve not had any way to disseminate announcements and reminders of them just to the people interested in them. I really hate to send announcements to all the OLists, as I think that’s bothersome for many people. Until now, however, that’s been the only option.

Now the problem is solved… with OPeople! (I’d hoped for “OFriends,” but alas, that name was already in use on Google Groups.)

OPeople is the latest OList. The most basic function of OPeople will be to “disseminate announcements about OList events, such as Movie Night and Virtual Socials.” That’s starting immediately, so if you’d like to receive those announcements, please subscribe now.

The only criterion for subscription is that you be an Objectivist, meaning that you agree with and live by the principles of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism as best you understand them. You need not be subscribed to any other OList. Also, you can lurk, but for that, you must be a lurker on at least one other OList.

In addition, I would like to open the OPeople list to friendly, off-topic chatter, such as movie and art recommendations, discussions of work and hobbies, requests for information and advice, and more. Basically anything off-topic for the other OLists would be welcome on OPeople. It’s a kind of catch-all OList.

However, for that to happen, I’m asking that interested people pledge a few dollars, just as was done for OLeaders, OGeeks, and OCrafters. I want to make sure that sufficient people are interested in that option, and if so, I’d like a fair trade for the work required of the list manager (William Green) and me.

So if you want to pledge, please do so using this form:

Please note that your payment won’t be due until after $200 is pledged, when I open up the list to that off-topic chatter. I’ll send an invoice. And if you pledge, thank you — and don’t forget to subscribe!

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