Feb 172011

Next Wednesday, Luc Travers will be giving his OList.com webcast on “Bringing an Artwork to Life.” Right now, the webcast doesn’t have enough pledges to move forward: it’s close, but not quite there yet. The decision deadline is on Saturday at noon. So if you’d like to pledge, please do so sooner rather than later! Personally, I’m very excited about this webcast — about learning to “read” art in the way that I read literature — so I really hope that you’ll pledge! (Many thanks to everyone who has pledged already!)

You can pledge up until the very day of the webcast, and after that, you’ll be able to purchase access to the webcast for $50. (Most pledges are between $10 and $50.) You can find all of the details about the webcast and pledging on the web page for Luc Travers Webcast on Bringing an Artwork to Life. And you can pledge using this form:

Also, if you’ve not yet watched it, I recommend Luc Travers’ preview of the webcast:

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