Malevolence, Bare and Naked

 Posted by on 10 November 2003 at 10:12 pm  Uncategorized
Nov 102003

Atrios blogged a short and glib post on the serious financial hardship presently burdening by Arthur Silber due to the LA transit strike. The comments in response to Atrios’ post were voluminous — and more awful and malicious than any decent person could possibly even imagine.

(To be clear, Arthur never asked for money… but such a request would not have been hypocritical according to the Objectivist ethics anyway. In general, the characterizations of Rand’s philosophy as social darwinism would be laughable if not part of such a repulsive and depraved personal attack.)

I will not dignify the horrid comments by responding to them… but I will happily hit Arthur’s tip jar… and hope that the strike is resolved soon. (If you want to contribute a bit too, use the PayPal link on his main page.)

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