A Break in Breck

 Posted by on 2 February 2011 at 7:00 pm  Fitness, Personal
Feb 022011

Tomorrow, I’m leaving Paul to go have a few days of fun in the mountains, courtesy of CIA FIT Gym. Yay fun!

Basically, a number of us from the gym are going to drive out to Breckenridge early Thursday morning, snowshoe (with loaded backpacks) up to the 10th Mountain Division Hut Associations’s Section House, spend the night, then snowshoe back down on Friday morning. We’ll have time to ski (or snowboard) on Friday at Breckenridge, then we’ll spend the night in town, then we’ll have another day on the mountain before heading home.

Much to my delight and appreciation (particularly after my recent struggles to find suitable venues for SnowCon), I’ve not had to do any planning for this trip. I just need to show up at the right place and right time with the right gear. CIA FIT Gym’s owner/trainer Kelli has done all the hard work of planning the outing — not to mention preparing us for such a jaunt with week after week of killer workouts. (Yay Kelli!)

For those of you who’ve seen my reports on Facebook about our crazy-cold weather of late, I’m happy to say Thursday and onward will be warmer. Breckenridge will reach a balmy 20 degrees on Thursday!

Oh, and I nearly forgot the point of saying all that… no, it wasn’t to tell you just how awesome my life is, even though that’s surely true! Rather, the point was to tell you that blogging will be light for the next few days.

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