Two New OLists: OGeeks & OLeaders

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Jan 242011

I’m tickled pink to report that — after just a few short days — $200 in pledges were made for the creation and launch of each of two new OLists: OLeaders and OGeeks. The lists are now open for subscriptions, and they’ll open for discussion on Friday. If you’d like to join please review the full subscription requirements on, then request a subscription to the Google Group.

  • OGeeks is an e-mail list for Objectivists and others interested in geeky topics like science, computing, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion and sharing among Objectivists about all things geeky, such as best practices in programming, software reviews, scientific discoveries, educational resources, logic puzzles, technology trends, and geek comics. Non-Objectivist lurkers are welcome. OGeeks is managed by Rose Wiegley of A Little Bit of Green.
  • OLeaders is an e-mail list for Objectivists who manage or assist with Objectivist organizations, particularly community groups and campus clubs. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas about the effective creation, management, and expansion of Objectivist organizations and their events, as well as communicate announcements of likely interest. Membership is limited to Objectivists. OLeaders is managed by Santiago Valenzuela.

One list remains in utero, waiting to be born: OCrafters.

  • If created, OCrafters will be an e-mail list for Objectivists and others who engage in the production of crafts such as knitting, furniture-building, weaving, metalworking, paper-making, sewing, flower-arranging, jewelry-making, and so on. Its purpose would be to provide a forum for Objectivist crafters to ask each other questions, share useful advice and resources, and to brag about work in progress or completed. Non-Objectivist lurkers will be welcome. It will be managed by Earl Parson of Creatures of Prometheus.

So far, OCrafters has collected $65 in pledges. It needs $135 more before March 20th to come into existence. If you’d like to help make that happen, you can pledge using the form below (or here):

I can’t express just how thrilled I am that this experiment in funding the creation and launch of new OLists via pledges has worked so well. I’m definitely open to creating new OLists by that method, provided that I have some reliable person willing to manage the list.

Many, many thanks to those of you who pledged for OGeeks and OLeaders. I’ll send your invoices sometime in the next few days.

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