Um, No

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Nov 042003

According to this Fortune interview, Michael Shermer (the founder of the Skeptics Society) has a book forthcoming entitled The Science of Good and Evil. Based upon his answer to the first question, I won’t bother reading it.

Q: What makes people good or evil?

A: All of us have, in our genes, the capacity for great good and great evil. Genetics determines roughly half of our behavioral tendencies, including personality, temperament, and moral and immoral behaviors. The other half is determined by culture and environment, including parents, siblings, family dynamics, teachers and mentors, and especially peer groups. As adults we are particularly influenced to do good or evil by the immediate social context and community. When you’re surrounded by co-workers all hyped about a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme, it is truly hard to resist.

Notice that 1/2 genes + 1/2 environment = no choice, no character, no morals. And this is supposed to be scientific? *sigh*

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