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Jan 082011

On December 28, I had another round of thyroid labs done. On that day, here’s the report that I made to my doctor:

I wanted to give you another update on my progress. In essence, I’m definitely much improved since October, but I still have clear hypothyroid symptoms. I’d like to increase my dose of desiccated thyroid from 2.0 grains to 2.5 grains.

After our appointment on October 22nd, I increased my dose of desiccated thyroid from 1.25 grains to 1.75 grains. That helped alleviate my hypothyroid symptoms to some extent, but not completely. So I increased to 2.0 grains of desiccated thyroid on November 23rd, as you said I could do. Once again, the result has been improvement, although the symptoms persist.

Here’s my current state, in a nutshell. I still have near-daily carpal tunnel pain, although much less than before. My skin is still unusually dry, although better than in October. My last menstrual cycle was much more normal in length–43 days. (It got up to 77 days on 1.25 grains.) I’m definitely not as lethargic as I was, and I’m stronger. Also, I’ve not had the slightest hint of any hyperthyroid symptoms.

So I’m much better, but I’m still not feeling quite up to normal yet. Hence, I’d like to try increasing my dose of desiccated thyroid from 2.0 grains to 2.5 grains. If you prefer, I can do that gradually, starting at 2.25 then moving to 2.5 grains. But based on my progress so far, I don’t think that 2.5 grains will be too much.

As always, thank you for your help.

Here were my lab results from that day, while on 2 grains, my highest dose of desiccated thyroid so far:

  • TSH = 0.059 uIU/mL (normal range .3 to 3.0)
  • FT3 = 3.0 pg/mL (normal range 2.0 to 4.4)
  • FT4 = .96 ng/dL (normal range .82 to 1.77)
  • TPO Ab = 8 IU/mL (normal range 0 to 34)
  • Thyroglobulin = 0.9 ng/mL (normal range 0.5-55.0)
  • Antithyroglobulin Ab = 81 IU/mL (normal range 0 to 40)

Given that my TSH was so low, my doctor declined to raise my dose of desiccated thyroid. We’ll do another check of my thyroid values in three months, then see where to go from there. That’s okay, I suppose. I’m pretty glad that she didn’t ask me to reduce my dose.

I would like to find a way to reduce my thyroid antibodies; as you can see, my Antithyroglobulin Ab is high, even slightly higher than it was in October at 60. In February and March, I’m going to try a strict elimination diet, cutting out all the foods that Robb Wolf suggests are worth eliminating in the case of autoimmune disease. I’m already strict about not eating gluten (or any cereal grains), legumes, or soy. I’m also going to eliminate nightshades (including tomatoes, sadly), nuts (boo hoo!), eggs (gack!), and dairy (ugh, again).

Obviously, my primary concern will be the effect of that elimination diet on my elevated Antithyroglobulin Ab. However, I’m also interested to see whether I see any effects on a persistent quarter-sized spot of eczema that I have on my torso. That might be a useful canary in the coal mine of my immune system.

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