Colorado Wildfires

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Oct 292003

Today was a hot and gusty day… and Colorado seems to be following the lead of California.

As I drove up to Boulder for class today, I saw a huge plume of smoke from what turned out to be the Overland fire. And as I drove home after class, I discovered that a second fire was burning out of control just a few miles northeast of our house.

We’re not in any immediate danger — are are unlikely to be given the lay of the land and the forthcoming weather. However, for the moment, the wind has picked up and shifted in our direction, which is worrisome. Here’s a news photo of the fire.

We have a fairly good view of the fire from a hill in our neighborhood, so Paul and I are going to go take a look before heading to bed.

This is our third fire in three years. I must admit, it’s getting a bit tiresome.

Update: The cold and damp weather seems to have knocked out the fire. Yeah!

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