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 Posted by on 20 December 2010 at 8:00 am  Advertisement
Dec 202010

As many of you know, I listen to audiobooks regularly. I love classic literature, and I’ve found that I understand and enjoy it much better when read to me, rather than when I read it myself. Plus, I can consume so much more of my beloved literature when I read what fiction I can via audiobook, then the rest on my Kindle.

Often, I hear people bemoan the expense of audiobooks. They’re looking at the crazy-expensive list prices on Amazon and elsewhere, and occasionally buying audiobooks that way. That’s a huge waste of money, in my view.

Since 2005, I’ve had a subscription with Audible.com. That’s my sole source of audiobooks. With my super-fancy “Platinum Annual Membership,” I get 24 books per year, for just under $10 per book. That’s awesome. And they offer lesser subscriptions too, e.g. a $15 per month membership. Even that’s so much less than buying audiobooks on CD or through Amazon.

As it happens, Audible.com is part of the advertising network to which I belong. So I’ve decided to periodically remind you of how awesome they are — a subscription or even an individual audiobook would make a great Christmas present, for example — so that if you decide to purchase an audiobook or a subscription from Audible.com, you can contribute a bit to my work by doing so through me.

With any of the Audible.com links on this post — or with the one on the blog sidebar, you can enjoy a free 14-day offer of a free audiobook. Sounds good, no?

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