A Great Day

 Posted by on 22 October 2003 at 7:18 pm  Uncategorized
Oct 222003

Today has been a most excellent day.

First, I had only very, very mild problems with migraines. The beta-blockers seem to be kicking in.

Second, in my Aristotle class, we discussed a rather interesting and fundamental objection to Gilbert Ryle’s argument that philosophy of mind is shot through with a “category mistake” concerning mind and body. (Perhaps I’ll post on that later.)

Third, I had a fun time arguing about a priori knowledge and intuitions while out for drinks with other grad students and Mike Huemer after Epistemology class.

Fourth, I had an interesting chat with Mike Huemer about dualism and other theories of mind before heading home.

Fifth, I found out that my article on false excuses has been accepted for publication by The Journal of Value Inquiry with only editorial changes needed. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This is huge for me. This is what made a good day absolutely fucking great.

Sixth, I found my glasses sitting on one of our recliners, where they had been hidden under a blanket for the past week.

After two weeks of migraine hell, I deserved a day like this, dammit. And wow, has it ever been sweet!

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