Last month, Adam Mossoff gave a fantastic webcast on intellectual property. The content and style of the presentation was stellar, and I enjoyed the excitement of the live event even more than I expected. In fact, the presentation challenged a number of my conventional assumptions about intellectual property, e.g. about the DMCA. As a result, I’ll definitely approach these issues with more knowledge and care in the future due to the webcast.

So… I’m pleased to announce that the webcast — in the form of 1 hour and 34 minutes of streaming video — is now available for sale. It costs $50 to purchase. For that price, you’ll enjoy full access to the streaming video for at least two months. You’re welcome to share that streaming video with members of your own household, but not with anyone one else. You cannot download the video, nor any audio.

Here are two clips from the webcast itself. The first is part of the explanation of why all property is fundamentally intellectual property. The second concerns software patents, including time limits on patents.

And here’s the updated abstract:

Ayn Rand was the first philosopher to recognize that all property is at root intellectual property (IP), because all property comprises material values that are born of the human mind. In this webcast, Professor Mossoff explains this uniquely Objectivist defense of IP rights and answers questions submitted by the participants. First, he provides a brief overview of IP, explaining what it is and why it is properly defined as a property right that should be secured under the law. He then responds to questions from participants, covering such issues as the nature and justification for time limits on patents and copyrights, whether computer software should be patented, and the alleged problem of “patent trolls,” among other issues. Professor Mossoff’s discussion presents a sweeping analysis of IP rights, touching upon contemporary legal disputes and historical developments–all of which supports Rand’s view that all property rights, whether in land, factories, consumer goods, securities, or inventions and books, are made possible by innovators who first conceived of these new values.

To purchase the webcast, you simply need to send me $50, preferably via PayPal. If you do that, I’ll send you the instructions for viewing the webcast within 24 hours.

Or, if you would prefer to pay by check or money order, please submit this order form, then mail your payment of $50 for each webcast ordered to Diana Hsieh; P.O. Box 851; Sedalia, CO 80135. In that case, you can expect an e-mail with instructions for viewing the webcast in a week or two, once payment has been received.

To give the webcast as a gift to someone outside your own household, you need only purchase a copy for that purpose, then send that person the instructions for viewing it. Please do not view the webcast unless you have purchased a copy for yourself. (It’s an honor system.)

For in-person group events such as Objectivist club meetings, one person in the group must purchase the webcast for $50, then every person not of that household must pay $10 to attend the viewing. The extra people are not entitled to access the webcast after that group viewing. The $50 payment must be made in advance of the viewing, but the $10 for each additional viewer can be paid after the event. To pay for those additional viewers, please use this PayPal link or the order form.

Starting in January, I will be producing similar pledge-funded webcasts every month with various Objectivist intellectuals. While the details aren’t yet set in stone, they’re likely to happen in the middle of the month, on Mondays. In January, historian Eric Daniels will speak on the foundations of free speech. (Yay!) For that webcast, everyone who pledges will be welcome to ask questions beforehand and attend the live event. They’ll also have access to the streaming video for about two months. As usual, I’ll be announcing the details of that January webcast on NoodleFood and the OLists, likely after Christmas.

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