Rebooting The Objectivism Seminar

 Posted by on 3 December 2010 at 8:00 am  Objectivism Seminar
Dec 032010

The Objectivism Seminar has been running strong since it started back in 2007, working (and yes, sometimes grinding) through several seminal Objectivist books over the course of more than 125 live sessions. Whew! That’s a lot.

But now we’re going to try something a little different: studying a wandering series of individual essays! How cool is that? Let me count the ways:

  1. It will be super-easy for folks to join the Seminar at any time — and to participate sporadically!
  2. If one week’s discussion doesn’t sound so interesting, maybe the next week’s will!
  3. Speaking of keeping it interesting: everyone gets to help choose what we’ll study! (Just visit our Google Moderate page to make suggestions and vote on them. Feel free to lobby for anything from Rand’s published anthologies, Robert Mayhew’s collections of essays on Rand’s novels, and articles published in The Objective Standard journal.)
  4. Different people will lead the sessions, depending on interest and expertise. So if one week’s leader doesn’t seem so interest.. nah, not an issue.
  5. Two words: Killer Podcasts. Yep, we’re here to make your commute a spiritual experience. :^)
Other things you’ll notice on our shiny new website are gems like an administrative email list you can join to stay in the loop — and for those times when an hour of realtime discussion just isn’t enough to get it all out, there is also a separate email list you can join for open discussion of anything and everything that’s come up in the Seminar. (See the site’s communication resources page for more on all that.)

Our live sessions resume on Monday (8:00pm Mountain) with a timely discussion of Rand’s essay “Egalitarianism and Inflation” from Philosophy: Who Needs It, lead by grizzled and witty Seminar veteran Kyle Haight.

I hope you can join us for it!

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