Oh, Blessed Fibula

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Oct 172003

For a long time now, I’ve done much of my computing work on an old but ultralight Sony Vaio laptop (200MHz CPU, 96MB RAM, 2GB HD, Win98, but only 2.8 lbs), as I don’t like being constrained to my desk. So I’ve long had all philosophy files on the laptop, but I also recently swapped over my e-mail too, as I found that I could keep up with the flood better if I could send out e-mails while watching TV.

A while ago, I decided that I would get a new laptop soon. And then I decided that I wanted it sooner. And then I decided that I wanted it now.

So on Tuesday, I ordered a refurbished Dell Inspiron 300m (1.2GHz CPU, 632MB RAM, 60GB HD, WinXP, and still just 2.99 lbs). I was expecting it to arrive sometime next week or so. But it arrived today, just 3 days after I ordered it!

And wow, am I ever in love.

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