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 Posted by on 12 November 2010 at 9:15 am  ARI, McCaskey Resignation
Nov 122010

I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the volume of comments on the posts on Dr. Peikoff’s and ARI’s statement over the past two days. I’ve deleted plenty of offensive and rude comments, but I’m sure that I’ve missed others. I was from home most of the day yesterday, and utterly exhausted when I got home. But to be honest, I’m sure that I’ve let some slide that I should not have due to my own frustrations. That’s wrong, and I regret that.

So… if ever you see a comment that you regard as out-of-bounds, please hit the “flag” link at the bottom of the message. Then I’ll review it as soon as I can. Please understand that I’m not at my computer 24/7, so that process might take a few hours.

To be clear, my general policy is that anyone is welcome to express their disagreement with or disapproval of Dr. Peikoff, Dr. McCaskey, Dr. Brook, the Drs. Hsieh, ARI, Craig Biddle, or The Man in the Moon. They’re welcome to agree and praise too. Those judgments should be based on fact, not fiction. They should be explained, not merely asserted. They should be sober and respectful, not insulting.

At this point, however, I’d like to offer a stronger suggestion than basic civility and fairness. You should chill out for a few days, so as to give these matters some serious thought. That’s what Paul and I are doing. If I can figure out how to shut down these comments for the next few days, I’ll do that. (If I can’t do that by technical means, I might do it by fiat.) Frankly, I need the break, as I feel like I’ve got 50 people talking to me at once.

Emotions are running high, and it’s too easy to get caught up in them. That’s not helpful to anyone. So I recommend that you take a few days — alone with your own thoughts, and perhaps in serious conversation with someone you respect and trust — to process what has been said in these two statements. In thinking about the mistakes that others made, you might also think about whether you might have acted better too, given what you knew at the time. Again, that’s something that Paul and I are doing.

With these two statements, we have a new level of clarity about what has happened and what ARI’s policies are. Let’s not squander that opportunity to seriously think about these matters in a fresh light.

Update: For now, I’ve closed the comments on all of these posts, including this one. Now… how about that mosque in New York City? ;-)

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