Mae 1, Glasses 0

 Posted by on 5 November 2010 at 1:00 pm  Animals, Personal
Nov 052010

A few weeks ago, I lost my glasses somewhere at home. I knew that I must have put them somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where for the life of me — and all my searches were fruitless. A few days later, Paul found them outside in the garden:

Those pictures, I must say, don’t do justice to the carnage wrought on them by naughty doggie Mae.

Happily, I discovered that my older pair of glasses were the exact same prescription, and the lenses were in better shape — meaning less chewed-on by naughty kitty Elliot. (Yes, we have a perpetual war of beasts versus glasses chez Hsieh.) And I like my older, lighter frames better too.

So … uh … thanks Mae!

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