I’m delighted to announce Front Range Objectivism’s two new Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups — one in south Denver (Lone Tree) and the other in north Denver (Broomfield) — starting in mid-October and running through mid-March.

Over 20 sessions, we’ll explore Ayn Rand’s epic novel in order to gain a greater appreciation for its characters, events, and ideas. Anyone who has read Atlas Shrugged before — whether a relative newcomer to Ayn Rand’s ideas or an experienced Objectivist — is welcome. You need not be an Objectivist, just a fan of the novel. Everyone has much to learn, I promise!

For more details, visit this page — or read below. To join either group, you must sign up to the relevant e-mail list linked below.

Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups

Are you a fan of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged living in or near Denver? Please join us for a fabulous 20-session tour through the events, characters, and ideas of that epic novel in two new Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups in Broomfield and Lone Tree!

In these Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups (ASRGs), members read and discuss Ayn Rand’s gripping and controversial novel over the course of twenty weekly meetings. Each meeting lasts ninety minutes; it covers about sixty pages of the novel. Discussion is guided by questions prepared by Diana Hsieh (Ph.D, Philosophy) for Explore Atlas Shrugged. Those questions are sent to members in advance. FRO’s Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups are open to any fan of the novel interested in discussing the characters, events, and ideas of the novel in greater depth.

The Broomfield Atlas Shrugged Reading Group will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Flatiron Crossing Borders in Broomfield. The group’s first meeting will be held on October 12th. For more details, including the full schedule, click here. To sign up to the e-mail list, click here.

The Lone Tree Atlas Shrugged Reading Group will meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Park Meadows Borders in Lone Tree. The group’s first meeting will be held on October 14th. For more details, including the full schedule, click here. To sign up to the e-mail list, click here.

Membership Standards

To avoid the problem of spoilers, members of FRO’s Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups should have read the novel in full at least once before. They should be fans of the novel, even if they disagree with aspects of it.

Members of the Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups differ in their experiences and philosophic ideas, as well as in their familiarity with Ayn Rand’s writings and philosophy. The goal of the group is to better understand Atlas Shrugged in a friendly and constructive way, not to engage in acrimonious debate or proselytizing.

All members should read (or re-read) the assigned chapters of the novel before the meeting. They should bring a copy of Atlas Shrugged with them to the meeting, as well as a copy of that week’s questions. They should help keep the discussion on-track, meaning focused on the assigned chapters of the novel. Most of all, they should act in friendly — or at least civil — way toward others.

People who prove disruptive to the aims of the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group will be removed from it.

What People Say

“Reading Atlas Shrugged with the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group greatly broadened my appreciation for this novel, especially for the depth and complexity of the charcters. Even though I’m usually pretty tired by the end of the day, I really looked forward to the meetings. The discussions were insightful and lively, and everyone was respectful towards each other’s perspectives.” — Tom Hall

“I first read Atlas Shrugged in 1977, and like many people today, I thought it was time to re-read it considering the current political climate. I’m sure I would have appreciated it in a fresh new way if I had read it on my own, but the experience was by far better because of being in the reading group. Our discussions brought up so many ideas that I might have missed, and allowed me to appreciate the book on a new level which is very relevant to a successful fight for the renewal of freedom in this country. I came home refreshed each time!” — Hannah Krening, Larkspur Pianist and Teacher

“Over the last fifteen years, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged about five times. Much to my surprise, reading it with FRO’s Atlas Shrugged Reading Group was a wholly new — and wonderful — experience for me. The discussions helped me understand the characters, events, and ideas of the novel more deeply than ever before — and I loved it! In many ways, I felt as if I was reading the novel for the first time. And now I’ll be better able to apply Ayn Rand’s ideals in pursuing my own goals for my life.” — Diana Hsieh, Ph.D Philosophy, NoodleFood

“I had read Atlas Shrugged before — or at least I thought I had. But I learned so much more about the novel’s ideas and literary themes through the reading group that it was almost as though I was reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time. Those who say Ayn Rand’s ideas and literature lack sophistication simply have not read Atlas Shrugged, not really. Moreover, the novel offers rich moral and political themes, and reading it during this “interesting” period of our nation’s history shed light both on the novel and on the culture in which we live.” — Ari Armstrong, editor of Free Colorado

“As a long time admirer of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, having read the book several times, I found that participating in the reading group increased my admiration and understanding even further. The lively discussions revealed aspects of the book that I would not have discovered on my own.” — Anders Ingemarson, Denver

“I got such a value from attending the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. Not only did I pick up a lot from re-reading the book, but having others to discuss the book with added so much more to my understanding of Rand’s philosophy. If anyone is interested in better understanding Atlas Shrugged and the philosophy of Objectivism, I highly recommend joining an Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. It’s definitely worth it!” — Ann Williams, Mediator

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