Vile Cartoon

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Oct 072003

Want to see something vile and dishonest? Then go visit this cartoon by Pat Oliphant which paints Ahnold as a Nazi, as someone Hitler would love.

In a bit of gross irony, these leftist attacks fairly well exemplify the sins-of-the-father ideology of the Nazis. Arnold is supposed to be guilty due to his father’s association with Nazism, not due to any action or sympathy of his own. The comment “Well, you can take the boy out of Austria, but…” paints Arnold as unable to shed himself of birth-nation, despite his choice to become an American. What ever happened to judging people on the basis of their own choices and ideas?

Personally, I think I would have voted for Tom McClintock if I still lived in California, but the barely-Republican Terminator doesn’t deserve this kind treatment.

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