Sep 222010

I’m thrilled to announce Objectivist Answers, a new question-and-answer site dedicated to Objectivism!

Objectivist Answers is already turning into a great resource for people wanting to better understand Ayn Rand’s work and its application in living on earth. In just its pre-announcement activity, OA has brought almost one hundred Objectivists to bear on dozens of questions! Here are a few that they’ve already addressed:

Anybody can ask questions on Objectivist Answers, so please jump in and add yours! People who know little or nothing about Rand and Objectivism are especially welcomed.

Participation Earns You Karma! (And More Power on OA)

  • Anybody can ask a question!
  • Any Objectivist can post answers. (Are you an Objectivist? Check out the OA FAQ to find out how to join the answering fray!)
  • Anybody can give feedback with comments and up/down votes!
  • Earn credibility with good questions, answers, comments, and voting feedback — you’ll automatically get more visibility and moderation power in the system

WANTED: Objectivists willing to tell the world what they think!

Are you an Objectivist living on earth? Great! You’re officially invited to give the world a piece of your mind! You might even earn some fame and glory on the way to nudging the culture in a healthy direction. Please keep in mind that there’s no need to post long, carefully polished questions or answers on OA: that’s why we have edit buttons and commenting. On OA, you’re officially encouraged to edit your content! Just go create an account on OA and check out the site FAQ to find out how you can be assigned the power to answer questions.

Why do we need Yet Another online community thingie?

Sure, there are already plenty of fine online forums out there. But while the discussions they host can have brilliant content, that brilliance is usually buried in long threads of back-and-forth debate. It just isn’t that usable for someone who wants to find a solid answer now. OA is built to highlight great answers and the Objectivists who deliver them — not the conversation. The system manages this by way of voting, which lets it identify and automatically highlight popular content while drawing attention to its creators (who, besides earning some fame and glory, also earn increased moderation powers). And if someone really knocks it out of the park, their answer could also be featured here on NoodleFood!

Whether you’ve got questions or answers we look forward to seeing you at Objectivist Answers!

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