Freaky People

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Aug 272003

The following e-mail was by far the strangest and stupidest I’ve ever gotten as Nathaniel Branden’s webmaster:

Subject: I want Nathan

To know I think he is the biggest farce on the planet….I recently watched the movie “The Passion of Ayn Rand” and I think it’s appalling how he treated his wife Barbara…’s disgusting! I would never seek your services or respect in the profession of helping or teaching others anything. You are no example…you should read the Book by Scott Peck “The Road Less Traveled” and take responsibility for your wrong doing, your self-fulfilling selfishness, self centered and EGO.

He calls himself a psychologist? How could he profess to help anyone, and on the phone no less, what a farce. It’s men like you Nathan that make people like me revolt against therapists like you. Are you still easily lead by the head between your legs?

I am one person you cannot fool for I know exactly what lurks behind that phony smile and shiny teeth. EVIL, defined as sacrificing another human being for the sake of maintaining your image of perfection, even if that sacrifice means Death! I hope Barbara is doing better now without you!


My reply was brief:

I’m really impressed that you’re judging someone based upon what you saw in a movie… a movie that all parties agreed was not even remotely accurate where the character of Nathaniel was concerned.

Go away.

Good lord, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Update: The e-mailer sent back a one-word reply: “egoist.” Well, yeah, but that’s not exactly a moral condemnation where I come from.

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