Results: Three Podcast Topics, You Choose One

 Posted by on 2 September 2010 at 2:00 pm  Pledge Project
Sep 022010

First, my very best thanks to everyone who pledged for my “Three Topics, You Choose One” Podcast. I’m hugely grateful for people’s interest in and support of my work.

Unfortunately, none of the three topics gathered enough pledges to make the podcast worth my doing. The one on irrational family members was somewhat close… but still not enough. I’ll probably podcast or write on that topic sometime soon, but for now, that’s on hold.

While I’m disappointed not to be able to justify delving into one of those three excellent topics, I’m not too disappointed… because I found out what people valued. That’s a win for me!

And not to worry, I’ll be quite busy for the next few months with other projects. Once I get my pre-amp back from repair, I’ll be recording the last two podcasts of Explore Atlas Shrugged. In mid-October, I’ll be starting another round of Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups here in Denver. While I’m doing those week by week, I’ll be editing my podcast notes into the first draft of a book. (I might make those available via some kind of pledge system.) Also, until the election, I’ll also be busy promoting Ari’s and my significantly expanded paper on the “personhood” movement’s attempt to grant full legal rights to fertilized eggs: The ‘Personhood’ Movement Is Anti-Life.

Again, many thanks to the people who pledged! Although I couldn’t make the podcast happen this time, I’m really grateful for the support and interest of everyone who pledged.

Oh, one final note: Due to the demands of finishing the “personhood” paper, I’ll post the next Rationally Selfish Q&A next week. The question is a good one: “Is there a principle of Objectivism which justifies and requires kindness to other people (not necessarily going out of one’s way, but treating others ‘like human beings’ and a basic level of respect), or is it just an issue of reciprocity?”

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