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 Posted by on 30 August 2010 at 7:00 am  Announcements
Aug 302010

This week’s voting on the next question for my Rationally Selfish Q&A closes at 10 AM (MT) on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I’ll post the answer to the most popular question.

Right now, we have six questions, but none have gotten a ton of votes. So here they are:

  • “I have a terminal illness (cancer) that’s getting in the way of my daily life, which includes a full-time job and college. Is it moral to stop working and go on disability?”
  • “What are your thoughts on people who complain about their problems but never pursue to solve them, or, worse, actively evade and ignore solutions that confront them? E.g. a student who complains about his budget but continues to spend irrationally.”
  • “Could you give or recommend a set of guidelines for blog/online discussion etiquette? How can someone maximize their benefit from online discussions and relationships?”
  • “Is there a principle of Objectivism which justifies and requires kindness to other people (not necessarily going out of one’s way, but treating others ‘like human beings’ and a basic level of respect), or is it just an issue of reciprocity?”
  • “How would you treat an adult child who wishes to move back home after a history of poor self-control and irresponsible choices?”
  • “I am a 20-something girl with ambitious career goals and a strong desire to have a family. How did you decide to pursue a career rather than having children? Do you have any advice about how to go about making the decision?”

Good questions! If you have a preference about which question I answer, go vote! Remember that you can vote against the questions you don’t want answered, as well as for the question you want answered.

Oh, and you can start posting questions for next week too!

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