Reminder: Rationally Selfish Q&A

 Posted by on 23 August 2010 at 7:00 am  Announcements
Aug 232010

This week’s voting on the next question for my Rationally Selfish Q&A closes at 10 AM (MT) on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I’ll post the answer to the most popular question.

Right now, the top questions are:

  • Is it immoral to have a sexually-oriented job, such as stripper or pornography actress/actor? Is it wrong of me to enjoy having a sexually-oriented job?
  • When is it rational to care for our elderly parents?
  • What specific questions would you ask a child to get them to question their irrational beliefs? (ex. people and animals go to heaven when they die, some people have magical powers, existence of God, etc. . .)

If you have a preference about which question I answer, go vote! Remember that you can vote against the questions you don’t want answered, as well as for the question you want answered.

Oh, and you can start posting questions for next week too!

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