The August 17, 2010 American Thinker has published another one of my OpEds, this time on foreign policy:

The Real Problem Is Not the Mosque But the Nukes

My theme is the NYC Mosque would become a non-issue if the US would adopt a proper foreign policy, explicit identify our enemy, and take the necessary action against Islamic Totalitarianism and its primary state sponsor Iran.

I also cite and quote John Lewis’ article from The Objective Standard, “No Substitute for Victory’: The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism“.

Here is the opening of my piece:

All the energy devoted to this issue of the Ground Zero Mosque is distracting us from the far more serious problem of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. If this more fundamental problem is properly addressed, then the NYC mosque issue will become irrelevant. Conversely, if America doesn’t deal with this more fundamental problem, then any legal or political maneuvers to stop the NYC mosque — even if successful — will make little difference in the long run.

Opponents of the mosque argue that allowing its construction near the ruins of the World Trade Center would symbolize America’s weakness and would embolden anti-American, anti-Western Islamists around the world. While true, the reason why America is perceived as weak against the Islamists is because we are. And nothing illustrates this more than our current policy (or lack thereof) toward Iran’s nuclear program…

(Read the full text of “The Real Problem Is Not the Mosque But the Nukes“.)

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