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Aug 162010

I’m delighted to announce that — thanks to Earl Parson and William Green — the OLists will be hosting two weekly Twitter Parties. The weeknight day isn’t yet settled: please vote for your preference by Tuesday at midnight!

Here’s the announcement from Earl:

Special OList Announcement: Two Weekly Twitter Parties for OList members!

We are very excited to announce not one, but two new weekly Twitter “Parties” for OList members. These will be a fun way to socialize and chat via Twitter, with other OList members, on a variety of topics each week.

Not on Twitter? Are you Twitter-curious? Now’s a great time to get started!

First up: OList Happy Hour. Come chill out with your OList tweeps after a long day at work. Like any good happy hour, the OList Happy Hour will feature Appetizers and Drink Specials (our way of describing the weekly conversation topics.) Each week, an Appetizer and a Drink Special will be selected from among the current discussion topics on two of the OLists. The topics will be announced on my blog, Creatures of Prometheus, the day before, and also on the OLists from which the topics were selected.

OList Happy Hour will take place from 9 – 10 p.m. Eastern time and 6 – 7 p.m. Pacific, on a night of the week still to be determined, beginning this week or next week. We have set up a poll here to get a sense of what week night (Monday thru Thursday) would work best for those who will be participating. The poll is really easy to use: just type in your name (no need to log in or anything) and click to vote on what night(s) work for you. Feel free to vote for more than one! Once the week night is set, it will be on the same night every week.

For the first OList Happy Hour, we aren’t taking our conversation from any particular lists, but from people’s recent experiences at OCON and MiniCON.

So, for next week, our Appetizer is:

If you attended OCON or MiniCON (aka AOSMCON) what were the highlights for you? How did the conference compare with your expectations? Was there anything unexpected or particularly surprising about the conference?

And our Drink Special is:

Now that you’re back to your life and its routines, what can you say were the things that have had the most practical value, that you got out of the conference? What has stayed with you, or had the biggest lasting impact on you?

Second, it’s: OList Brunch. Brunch will be on Sundays, from 12 – 1 p.m. Eastern time and 9 – 10 a.m. Pacific. The difference between Happy Hour and Brunch is that Brunch won’t be centered around a particular topic, but will be more generally conversational/social. I think of the OList Brunch as a time to hang out with my coffee and my OList tweeps and just have a leisurely morning. I hope you will join us!

A few additional notes:

  • Happy Hour and Brunch are open to OList Lurkers! Our hope is that this will be a good way to engage the lurkers in the OList discussions and get to know you.
  • Your hosts for Happy Hour and Brunch will be myself (@Earl3d on Twitter) and my fellow OHomo and OEvolver, William Green (@laforgetm on Twitter). Feel free to message either of us if you have specific questions.
  • Make sure you mark your tweets with the #OLists hashtag, and also tag what specific list your tweet is in reference to (#OActivists, #OHomos, etc.) when applicable.
  • Polling for what night to hold Happy Hour will close on Tuesday at midnight, Pacific. Don’t forget to vote.

I think this will be a lot of fun, and hope to see you around on Twitter!

I second that! If you’re new to twitter, you can find me @DianaHsieh.

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