Reminder: Rationally Selfish Q&A

 Posted by on 15 August 2010 at 9:00 am  Announcements
Aug 152010

This week’s voting on the next question for the Rationally Selfish Q&A closes at 10 AM (MT) on Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll post the answer to the most popular question.

Right now, the top question by a lead of about 12 votes is:

  • When the mind insists on wandering, what are some good ways to help it settle down and focus? How can a person achieve deep concentration, and how can one train oneself to do it better (aside from sheer discipline)?

I love that question! If you do too, make sure that I answer it by voting for it. Or, if you’d prefer me to answer another question, go submit it.

Oh, and you can start posting questions for next week too!

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