Silly Questions with Silly Answers

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Aug 132010

Some very silly FormSpring Questions and Answers:

Being an Objectivist who is able to apply the law of causality to just about everything in the world, and therefore very wise, do you sometimes feel like you’re from the future, or 1000 years old?

Yes, I am a god! I’m nearly omniscient! Have I mentioned that I can levitate sheep too?

(Seriously: I’m not wise, let alone “very wise.”)

GLOCK 21 or M1911?

I like my 1911, but I love my Glocks.

9mm or 45 ACP?

Ah, what an absurd question! 9 mm is for little girls in pink dresses.

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Undoubtedly, a good steak. Lamb chops will also do. Chicken is overrated.


Because existence exists.

Why should one be moral in a world or immorality?

Please try again, preferably grammatically.

You notice how every pop star tries to cross over and become a movie star? Don’t you hate that?


what does is 4+5=

A dumb question.

How did Columbus manage to fit two of every species of animal aboard the Mayflower?

By magic, of course!

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

I’m quite certain that if I were a tree, (1) I wouldn’t be me and (2) I wouldn’t be able to choose what kind of tree I was.

Would you rather be Satan’s slave or a Cheese-slave?

I’d prefer to be Satan’s slave. Satan doesn’t exist, so being Satan’s slave means being no one’s slave. Cheese exists, so I would be a slave to something if I were a slave to cheese.

If you had to give up one or the other, which would it be: your housekeeper, or meat? :)

The housekeeper, definitely. Paul’s pretty good at vacuuming, but I don’t think he’d be very tasty.

Which are cuter: Puppies, kittens, or human babies? by SupaTrey

I’ll have go with kittens because they’re so very scampery and naughty… but with purring!

Doth the lady protest too much?


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