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 Posted by on 6 August 2010 at 6:00 am  Announcements
Aug 062010

This week’s Rationally Selfish Q&A is in need of more questions and more votes! So far, it has just 29 votes on 4 questions from 17 people. That’s pathetic!

So far, my favorite question was one just posted yesterday:

What are the premises that give rise to the common experience of feeling “just too busy” and how can this be avoided ? The best-sounding advice I’ve heard is to make schedules, but if all your time is scheduled-out, then you have NO free time !

Yup, I’ve got some stuff to say about that.

So if you care about the topic of my next Rationally Selfish Q&A, please submit a question and/or vote on the existing questions! You can use the embedded page or the the stand-alone interface.

Also, remember that noon today is the moment of decision for the pledge drive for an op-ed by Paul in a top-tier newspaper. It’s terribly exciting!

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