Tracking of OLists

 Posted by on 5 August 2010 at 7:00 am  OList, Technology
Aug 052010

I’d like to do some better tracking of statistics for my OLists so that I and the other OList Managers can easily monitor their health.

In particular, I’d like to know at a glance, for each list:

  • How many subscribers does the list have now? How many has it had over the last month and year? If applicable, how many subscribers are lurkers versus posters?
  • How many new subscribers have been added to the list in the last month and year?
  • How many messages have been posted to the list over the last day, week, month, and year?
  • How many different subscribers have posted messages over the last month and year? What’s the distribution of posts by author for the last month and year?

I’d like those statistics displayed as a nice graphs and tables, so that the month’s statistics are broken into days and the year’s are broken into months.

Then, for all lists:

  • For any given member, what lists are they on? How often do they post on those various lists?

Right now, I can piece together most of that information, but it’s very inefficient. I’d like to have it all at my fingertips, more or less. Some of it is private to me as the list manager, and so I figure that I might need to manually download that information so that the requisite statistics can be generated.

So… does anyone know of a program that will allow me to do that? It has to work with Google Groups somehow, as I don’t intend to move the OLists off that platform.

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