Do you want to fight back against the theocrats of the religious right? Do you want to help protect our rights to abortion, birth control, and IVF? We can help you do that!

The “personhood” movement demands full legal rights for zygotes. Born in Colorado, it’s growing in influence and spreading across America. If successful, these theocrats would destroy a woman’s right to her own body.

You can help Ari Armstrong and me fight the push for “personhood for zygotes” by pledging for an updated policy paper on the “personhood” amendment that’s on the ballot in Colorado this year.

Keep reading for more details… and a pledge form. But please don’t delay: pledges are due on Tuesday, August 3rd at noon. That’s tomorrow!

Once again, Colorado has a proposed “personhood” amendment on the ballot this year: it would grant full legal rights to zygotes. If enforced consistently, it would ban abortion (except perhaps to save the life of the mother), the birth control pill (because that might sometimes prevent implantation), and the most popular forms of IVF. This movement is not limited to Colorado. “Personhood USA” reports on activity in over 30 states, and it’s on the ballot in many counties in Georgia.

Ari and I want to substantially revise our policy paper from 2008: Amendment 48 Is Anti-Life: Why It Matters That a Fertilized Egg Is Not a Person. We want to improve and rework the paper, e.g. to discuss the GOP’s embrace of personhood in Colorado, the spread of the “personhood” movement across America, and the new campaign strategy likening fetuses to slaves. We want to promote the paper like we did in 2008 — with media releases, op-eds, letters to the editor, blog comments, interviews, etc.

Our 2008 paper was downloaded 4,000 times before the election. We want even better numbers in 2010.

Our 2008 paper was the most in-depth and substantive discussion of the right to and morality of abortion from an Objectivist perspective ever written. We want to make it even stronger and clearer with this update.

In 2008, Ari and I devoted many weeks of our lives to fighting “personhood” without any compensation. This time, particularly because we have so many other demands on our time, we’re asking for your help. We expect the revisions to and release of the paper to require two solid weeks of work from each of us, then more time to promote it until the election. That’s not trivial.

We’re asking you to help us by pledging your money in exchange for our work.

We want to raise $2000 in pledges for the new policy paper by Tuesday, August 3rd at noon. In return, we promise to deliver the revised paper by August 31st, then promote it until the November election. We’ve almost reached our goal of $2000, and I just know that we can do it! (If we raise more than that $2000 in pledges, we’ll collect just $2000, pro-rating each pledge accordingly.) Your pledge won’t be due until we release the updated paper. That’s because you’re not pledging for effort but for results. If we don’t release the paper for some reason, then you’ll owe nothing.

You can pledge here:

[It's too late to pledge! Go read the paper!]

You’ll find further details here, but please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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