Reminder: Rationally Selfish Q&A

 Posted by on 1 August 2010 at 9:26 pm  Announcements
Aug 012010

I’m delighted by the positive response to my proposal for a weekly Rationally Selfish Q&A in which you determine the question that I’ll answer. Right now, this week’s Q&A has 278 votes on 10 questions from 62 people — and you have less than 12 hours left to vote. It closes at 10 AM (MT) on Monday.

On Tuesday, I’ll post the answer to the most popular question. However, I’ve just noticed that Google Moderator uses some funky algorithm to determine that, and it’s choice seems strange. Instead of that, I’ll pick the question with the most net votes, meaning positive minus negative votes.

By that method, here are the top three questions right now:

  • How would you treat an adult child who wishes to move back home after a history of poor self-control and irresponsible choices? (15 net votes)
  • On what conditions (if any) would you reconcile with a family member who wronged you? (14 net votes)
  • What are the most important qualities of character to look for when you hire people, besides technical ability, (given that most people aren’t Objectivists), and how can you determine if a specific individual has those qualities? (13 votes)

As you can see, the vote is very close. So if you have a preference but you’ve not yet voted on those questions, get to it! Oh, and start thinking of questions for next week too!

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