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Jul 292010

I’ve got a slew fabulous projects in the works right now, but I’m particularly enthused to announce this new bit of fun for NoodleFood.

Every Tuesday, I’ll answer a question on the practice of living a rationally selfish life on NoodleFood … but only if you help me select the question!

This reader-driven method of selecting questions is an experiment for me. If people enjoy it — and if I enjoy it — then I’ll continue and refine it. If it flops, then I’ll direct my efforts elsewhere.

For now, I’m using Google Moderator to facilitate the submission of and voting on questions. Each week, you’ll have until 10 AM on Monday to submit your questions and vote on other people’s questions. That’s when I’ll select one of the top-voted questions to answer. I’ll post the question with my answer to NoodleFood on Tuesday. Then I’ll open up a clean slate for another round of questions and voting.

Do you have a question to submit? Do you want to view and vote on other people’s questions? You’ll always find the current slate of question here: Rationally Selfish Q&A. If you have any problems with that, you can find this week’s slate of questions here too.

Now, a few details…

  • For these Q&As, I want to focus purely on the practice of flourishing — meaning of living the best possible life as a rational egoist. For example, these three questions drawn from my FormSpring inbox are perfect:
    1. How would you treat an adult child who wishes to move back home after a history of poor self-control and irresponsible choices?
    2. I am a 20-something woman with ambitious career goals and a strong desire to have a family. How did you decide to pursue a career rather than having children? Do you have any advice about how to go about making the decision?
    3. What are some safe topics to discuss on a first date?

    (I’ve added those to this week’s list of possible questions, so please feel free to go vote on them.)

  • Your questions must be very short. Google Moderate imposes a limit of 250 characters: that’s about 50 words. So you’ll have to boil down your question to its essentials. If you like, you can provide some more context by posting a “response” to your own question. However, none of that context will appear in my NoodleFood post. Your question must be able to stand on its own.
  • You’re welcome to post your own thoughts on posted questions as “responses.”
  • You’re welcome to repost your own questions from week to week, if you’re still interested in an answer.
  • You can post anonymously, although you might need to be logged into a Google Account to do even that.

If you have any other questions, please post them in the comments. Otherwise, head on over to the Rationally Selfish Q&A!

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