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Jul 142010

Some FormSpring Questions and Answers on Atlas Shrugged pertaining to food:

If you could meet one Atlas Shrugged character in real life, who would it be?

Midas Mulligan, so that I could lecture him about wheat not being suitable for human consumption! (He’s the wheat farmer in the valley.)

Hank Rearden has always been my favorite character in “Atlas Shrugged,” but I refuse to imagine him blond. Despite what Ayn Rand says, he has brown hair! I’m also quite fond of Ellis Wyatt.

If the world became akin to Atlas Shrugged and a group of Objectivists retreated to Shea’s hidden valley, would you accept the role of swine farmer to supply the town with delicious capitalist bacon?

Totally. I’d put all the other pig farmers out of business in a jiffy, then I’d expand to lambs and steer.

My horse Tara wouldn’t be happy though, as she’s not too keen on pigs!

And since you’ll be queen of delicious capitalist bacon, you’ll sell pig pancreas as a side business for insulin, yes? by rationaljenn

Oh yes — and desiccated porcine thyroid too! I’ll be running “Bertha’s Pharmacy” on the side.

(Bertha was the name of a pig we had growing up. She got big… and then she got eaten!)

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