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Jun 262010

Some FormSpring Questions and Answers with advice on food:

What kinds of portable, Paleo-friendly snacks do you like to eat?

Cheese, nuts, and kefir used to be my staples on the road, but I’m seriously cutting down on those lately. Another option that I often use is to cut up cubes of uncured ham. Hard boiled eggs are also pretty handy, particularly if peeled in advance.

However, more often than not, I simply don’t eat when I’m out and about. Or I will make a genuine meal — like the chicken, tomato, and cucumber salad that I threw together for myself on Tuesday.

Mostly though, I stay at home and I eat at home. I have to run errands in Denver on Wednesday afternoon. (That’s when I do all my grocery shopping for the week, plus I pick up my raw milk.) I have the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group on Thursday evenings… but just for a few more weeks. And I usually have some FRO meeting over the weekend. If I could reduce those excursions to just one per week, I’d be thrilled. That doesn’t seem likely to happen, however.

I love eating meats and green leafy vegatables, but should I reconsider eating nuts? You know peanuts; cashews; walnuts; pecans; almonds; brazil nuts; hazelnuts; etc.

(Peanuts aren’t nuts; they’re legumes.) I eat nuts periodically, but some have really high omega-6 content. See this page for a breakdown. Macadamias are the best; walnuts are the worst.

Can you recommend a fat for cooking which can be purchased at any regular grocery store? Besides butter?

Bacon grease! Make bacon, pour the grease into a small glass jar. Store it in the fridge. Use it liberally for cooking meats and veggies. It will stay good for at least a month or two, if not longer.

I use that, plus butter and coconut oil for almost all my “fat for cooking” needs.

We just started a paleo-type diet and the only problem so far is that my fiancee is ALWAYS hungry. He works a very physical job and likes to “graze”, not eat big meals. Any suggestions on filling paleo snacks besides nuts and jerky?

How about heavy cream or cheese? Most people can tolerate dairy in that form. It’s got a ton of calories, and it definitely satisfies hunger. And it’s yummy! In general, I would imagine that your man needs something fatty.

By the way, Costco is a great place to buy cheese and cream. You get vast quantities for cheap.

I’ve read that “low and slow” is the “right way” to cook paleo food…but it also seems to make sense to cook food over an open fire (i.e. BBQ). Is there any evidence that this is true/not true?

I have not the slightest clue.

In general, however, most cooking methods probably have some health costs and some health benefits. My strategy is to forgo the methods with major health costs (like frying in modern vegetable oils), then vary between the other methods.

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