Jun 222010

For those of you who might be interested to pledge money for my next podcast, I want to remind you — one last time — that I’ve opened the floor to suggestions for topics. You can submit and review possible topics in that comment thread. Remember, my decision about the topics will be made on the morning of Thursday, June 24th.

I like the topics proposed so far, but I’m open to more ideas! Here are some of the popular topics proposed so far:

  • How to deal with irrational and/or altruistic family members.
  • What’s the proper strategy for dealing with tea parties, including how not to sanction their worse elements.
  • How to deal with interpersonal conflicts, particularly in an intellectual movement.
  • How to increase the “value-density” of your life.
  • On the nature of “sense of life,” including how to identify your own.

All of those sound interesting to me! If they sound interesting to you, please go hit the “like” button. (You’re welcome to endorse more than one topic.) Just please don’t propose topics in the comments of this post or via e-mail. I’m trying to gather the data in one place.

Also, remember that my prior pledge-funded podcast on finding good prospects for romance and friendship is available for purchase. Make me an offer!

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