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 Posted by on 15 June 2010 at 7:00 am  Pledge Project
Jun 152010

I’ve got another unusual proposal for you, dear NoodleFood readers and NoodleCast listeners. I want to do another pledge-funded podcast, and you get to help me decide on the topic!

My recent podcast on finding good romantic prospects is safely in the hands of the generous people who pledged to make it happen. I was very gratified by the pledges, and I was pleased with the resulting podcast. It’s longer than I expected at ninety minutes. It’s also of broader interest, in that almost all my advice applies just as well to finding prospects for friendship as well as for romance.

At present, that podcast is not available to anyone but the pledgers. I will offer it for sale in some fashion later this week. (If you want me to e-mail you when that’s available, just drop me an e-mail with that request.)

In the meantime, I want to try another podcast paid for by your pledges — but this time, I want you to help me decide on the topic. My interests are quite varied, and I’d really like to know what you’d most value from me! I’d prefer to do another practical ethics podcast, but I’m open to other topics too.

It has to be a topic for just one podcast — as opposed to a whole series like Explore Atlas Shrugged. Again, I’ll aim for thirty to sixty minutes. Due to OCON and some other obligations, I won’t be able to complete it until early August.

So… If you’d like a podcast on a specific topic, so much so that you’d be willing to pledge money for it, here’s what you need to do:

Propose a topic in the NoodleFood comments on this post. (Please don’t e-mail me: I want the data gathered all in one place.) Give me a good paragraph or two about what you’d like to hear. You’re welcome to propose as many topics as you like — just make them separate comments.

Also, review the proposals posted by others. If you like someone else’s proposal, hit the “like” button for that comment to endorse it. You can also post your own comment with further suggestions, e.g. “Yes, I love the idea of a podcast on Topic X, and I’d want you to focus on Issues A and B.”

Please only propose or endorse topics if you think that you might pledge for them. You won’t be committed or anything, but I want to cater to the people who value my work enough to pay something for it.

On the morning of Thursday, June 24th, I’ll make a decision about the topic of the podcast. I might decide on one topic at that time, then solicit pledges for that podcast. More likely, however, I’ll do a run-off between two or three good topics by soliciting pledges for all of them, then only producing the top-pledged podcast. Either way, details will be forthcoming.

Right now, the task at hand is just to propose and endorse podcast topics for me. I’m unbearably curious to see what you want me to talk about! This will be fun fun fun!

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