It’s your last chance to take me up on my offer to produce a podcast on finding potential romantic prospects! You have until noon on June 1st — just 24 hours — to pledge. That’s when I’ll make my decision about whether to produce the podcast or not. If I do, it will be posted by June 10th.

Here’s the form for you to make a pledge:

[Form removed because the deadline for pledging has passed.]

A few points to remember:

  • If you pledge nothing, you get nothing! I might release the podcast in a few months, likely for a fee. However, I make no promises to people who make no pledges. You must pledge by noon on June 1st, Mountain Time.
  • You might recall that I promised to answer the questions of the top five pledgers in the podcast. I will do that, provided that I produce the podcast. Right now, that would require pledging at least $50, but I suspect that a bit more will be required by tomorrow at noon. If you have a burning question but you’ve pledged less than $50, you’re welcome to add another pledge on top of your original pledge.
  • You take no risks whatsoever in pledging money for this podcast. If I don’t produce the podcast, you owe me nothing. And if you’re unsatisfied with the podcast, you owe me nothing, provided that you explain your reasons.

If you have questions, check the FAQ on my original post.

I’m so excited by this experiment and so pleased by the pledges so far! Now’s the time for you to get in on the fun, before it’s too late!

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