Reading Update

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May 232010

Here’s my next installment of my Reading Update.

Completed Reads

  • The Luck Factor by Richard Weisman. A book by a psychologist on how to make yourself more “lucky.” The conceptual framework is completely wrong, but the advice is good. I read it in preparation for my OCON course on luck.

Current Reads

  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. This book is a fascinating primer on the reasons why most small businesses fail — and the meta-level approach that success requires. It’s made clear and explicit the direction in which I’ve been fumbling with my various projects over the past two years. I’ll definitely be implementing its advice, and that’s going to enable me to be so much more productive. So… watch out!
  • Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter Bernstein. It’s another book for my OCON course. So far, it’s a fascinating tour through the history of the development of probability theory. It’s not as philosophically deep as I would like, nor as well written. Still… it’s darn good.
  • Ninety-Three by Victor Hugo, on audiobook. I’ve been a bit bored with this novel, but happily, the action seems to be picking up again. I sense epic clashes in the works!
  • Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff. I just started that for 3FROG. I’ve not read it since 2003, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Current Reads, Nothing New

Upcoming Reads

  • The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. I’m going to New York City in a few days, and I’m going to bring this book with me.
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