More Projects Off the Plate

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Jun 112003

Yesterday, I finished and sent off two projects!

First, I finally finished my revisions of my paper on false excuses. It has now been sent off to The Journal of Value Inquiry for consideration for publication. They don’t have to give me an answer to four months, so I might be waiting around for a while to find out its fate. I’d really like to have it accepted for publication when I apply for Boulder’s Ph.D program in January 2004, but that might not be possible.

Second, I sent Lorie Bugby my final revisions on my Camp Indecon lessons. I briefly reviewed them, corrected a few minor bugs, zipped up the whole lot, and sent them off!

Yesterday, I also finished reading all of the TOC Advanced Seminar papers, so that’s off my plate too. (I don’t think I’ve ever been so organized about reading those papers… usually it happens on the flight on the way to the seminar!)

That’s not bad progress right after my return from a Los Angeles business trip (for iHealer) which included a fair amount of late night programming work.

My only remaining major projects before I leave for my month-long tour is my revisions to Objectivism 101, my opening remarks for my session on philosophy of mind for the Advanced Seminar, and perhaps the preparation of some formal comments on someone else’s paper for the Advanced Seminar. Oh, and I have some work for my super-secret OSP project to do, but I can’t say much about that at the moment…

But this morning, it’s time for gardening, as I bought a bunch of perennials yesterday at Home Depot!

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