I’m Baaaack!

 Posted by on 5 June 2003 at 1:54 pm  Uncategorized
Jun 052003

Yesterday, I returned from three days of vacation with my folks who are RV’ing through the southwest. As usual, they showed me an excellent time — although I’m a bit sunburnt and my calves are sore from a trek up and down an awesome 800′ canyon (at the intersection of the Red River and Rio Grande outside of Toas, New Mexico).

It was pure bliss to be wholly separated from my computer and any philosophy work, particularly after my grueling schedule of 84 hours of writing in 12 days to revise my paper on philosophy of mind. (It’s a great paper though, with many good arguments, some of which may even be true! I’ll post it next week.)

I’ll be getting my life organized over the next few days before heading to LA for a very quick business trip for iHealer, a most beloved programming client. (Yes, I still have a few of those!) Then I’ll be returning to work as usual, including a bit of blogging, of course!

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