TP Ethics and Grumpiness

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May 292003

It’s about time that the blogosphere tackled the difficult ethical questions about the use of toiler paper in public restrooms. Reasonable Man to the rescue!

Oh, and a sick Jacob Levy complains about grumpiness:

Which reminds me: did you see this article about curmudgeons in the Sunday NYT? It has the unmitigated gall to compare Andy Rooney and Art Buchwald– Art Buchwald!– to, say, H.L. Mencken and George Carlin. Rooney is termed “curmudgeon in chief.”

Mencken: took on the politics and culture of an era. Rooney: complains about the consistency of his earwax.
Carlin: went to the Supreme Court to defend freedom of speech. Buchwald: Dethawed every week to continue writing Maureen Dowd columns without the sex jokes.

In other words: I’m grumpy about the state of media coverage of grumpiness, and about the decline in the quality of grumpiness.

Did I mention I’m sick today?

I’ve been struggling through a series of deadlines for the entire month of May, so I’ve been unusually grumpy lately — particularly in my online communications. (Then again, I haven’t been able to leave the house much, so online communications have really been my only communications with people other than Paul.) Well, tonight I should be done with the last May deadline… and then I head down to Taos, New Mexico for a few days of very-very-very-much-vacation with my parents who are RV’ing around the southwest. I desperately hope that I’ll be able to set aside some time to ride my horses and garden a bit when I return.

Okay, well, back to work. Augh.

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