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My New Standing Desk

 Posted by on 17 April 2010 at 7:00 am  Health, Productivity, The Beasts
Apr 172010

Since mid-March, I’ve been seriously wanting to

I had to make the desk deep rather than wide to avoid the glare from the windows to the left of my standard desk. I like having the computer far back though. That allows me to lightly rest my whole forearm on the desk, something helpful for my still-lingering carpal tunnel problems. Plus, I can drive my computer from my traditional desk by just turning the monitor slightly, as well as use my traditional desk as an additional surface while standing.

When my feet grow particularly weary, I can use the barstool, appropriated from upstairs, to sit for a spell. I hope that I won’t need that often or for long. The small stool is for resting one leg at a time, something that I’ve seen recommended. I’m going to buy some standing pads from Costco too, as those will add some more padding to our rather thin carpet.

I’m sure that I’ll do some tweaking, but I’m pretty pleased with this set up. Best of all, I didn’t pay a cent for it!

As a bonus, don’t miss the sorrowful look of doggie Conrad. Yes, I did require him to lay on his fluffy dog bed for all of about three minutes while I took the picture. The horror!

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