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May 252003

I’ve finally updated the blogroll… it was hastily done, but at least it reflects my reading habits better than the long-outdated old blogroll.

Well, Blogger doesn’t seem to be accepting the changes to the template. *@^#()!&* Thrill. Well, I’ll just past them below until Blogger decides to behave like good software.

Spaghetti Blogs
Best of the Web
The Command Post
Volokh Conspiracy
USS Clueless
Andrew Sullivan
The Bleat
Jay Nordlinger

Udon Blogs
Arthur Silber
Will Wilkinson
Joshua Zader
Jimmy Wales
Donny Watkins
In a Blog’s Stead
Peter Saint-Andre
Objectivist Bloggers

Fettuccine Blogs
Joanne Jacobs
Virginia Postrel
Sargent Stryker
Disaffected Muslim
Allison Kaplan Sommer
Ian Hamet
Eric Raymond
Eve Tushnet

Penne Blogs
Shoutin’ Across the Pacific
Right Wing News
Brink Lindsey
Jane Galt
Loco Parentis
Dave Tepper
Lt Smash
Gweilo Diaries

Ramen Blogs
The Corner
The Truth Laid Bear
Heightened Senses
Charles Murtaugh
Terry Foote

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