A Worthy Cause

 Posted by on 12 April 2010 at 8:58 pm  Announcements
Apr 122010

Objectivist Jennifer Iannolo of the Culinary Media Network and the blog Food Philosophy was robbed earlier today, and her laptop was stolen, among other valuables. Shea Levy kindly set up a collection fund for her via PayPal to help her replace the laptop. You can read about his post about it here, and you can donate via this link.

I’ve never met Jennifer in person; I only know her from her blog and tweets. However, she’s my kinda gal, and so I sent her a small donation. If you like Jennifer’s work — heck, if you just hate the idea of thugs rifling through a nice lady’s drawers — you might consider doing the same.

Update: Miranda Barzey uses the incident to teach critics of Objectivism a lesson about the meaning of selfishness in this post.

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