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Apr 062010
  • 119 Ways to Store and Organize Your Cats. Very cute.
  • Somehow, I missed Kelly Elmore’s review of the revent movie version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (That’s the one with Kiera Knightly, as opposed to the stellar miniseries with Colin Firth.) All of her complaints about the movie are perfectly explained by the fact that the director said that she wanted to create a “naturalistic” version of Pride and Prejudice. (Apparently, that involves a great deal of mud and pigs.) Fellow Jane Austen fans will get a good giggle out of Kelly’s exchange in the comments with “charlies1902.”
  • The Creepiest Children’s Books Ever with pictures. Good fun.
  • Best. Headline. Ever. Truly.
  • I don’t eat Peeps any more, but I still love the annual “Peep Show” diorama contest. They’re all pretty amazing, but this year’s winner is downright lovely.
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