No More Facebook Messaging

 Posted by on 26 March 2010 at 6:00 pm  Personal
Mar 262010

I just posted the following message on the sidebar of my Facebook profile:

I’m an ogre about my time!

If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at di[email protected] or tweet me @DianaHsieh. I hate FB messaging.

Please chat me only if you have something definite to tell me or ask me.

My request about chat should be obvious enough: if I wanted cocktail party chatter with strangers, I’d at least like a stiff drink to make it bearable. (I’m kidding: I don’t want it at all!) I’ve gotten way too many, “Hello. Hello? Are you there?” chats. I always ignore them.

For those quick requests or messages, I’d vastly prefer that you tweet me @DianaHsieh than use Facebook chat. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is simple, clean, and efficient. As a result, I use it far more than Facebook.

To understand why I hate Facebook messaging, consider the process. Someone messages me. Facebook e-mails me the message. To reply, I have to click on the link and load Faecbook, then type in that tiny little box. When I get sufficiently frustrated, I copy the message to my text editor, finish writing and editing it, then paste it back into that tiny little box. Then, if the person responds, I get another e-mail and the process starts all over again. Also, the messages aren’t in my e-mail archive where I can easily search for and review them. It’s all a soul-sucking waste of time, and I refuse to do it.

Until now, my habit has been to message the person back, asking him/her to e-mail me the message instead. However, even that consumes precious moments of my life, and I’m tired of doing it.

To stop that process, I’ve put the above note on my Facebook profile, and I’m posting about it here. (You have been warned!) So if you message me in Facebook, you will likely find that message totally ignored. I’ve turned off off all Facebook e-mail notifications, so I won’t even get your message in my e-mail inbox. Instead, I’ll skim my Facebook notifications via their web site on occasion.

Whew, now I feel better!

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