Ayn Rand on Moral Endurance

 Posted by on 25 March 2010 at 11:00 am  Activism
Mar 252010

In post on The Immediate Effects of ObamaCare, I wrote the following about Paul:

Most of all though, Paul has done amazing work, writing one clear, cogent article after another in defense of individual rights in medicine. You saw the steady steam of product; I saw the labor too. Almost every night, for months on end, Paul dove into his writing after a super-busy day reading radiology cases, often staying up into the wee hours of the morning, then waking up early for another busy day of reading cases. I couldn’t have done that: I don’t have the endurance. He made it look easy. And he’s still at it, as I write this on Monday night. I’m more proud of him than I can say.

That morning, Craig Biddle sent us the following perfect quote from Ayn Rand, taken from the end of her essay “The Establishing Of An Establishment”:

In Atlas Shrugged, I discussed the “pyramid of ability” in the realm of economics. There is another kind of social pyramid. The genius who fights “every form of tyranny over the mind of man” is fighting a battle for which lesser men do not have the strength, but on which their freedom, their dignity, and their integrity depend. It is the pyramid of moral endurance.

Wow, I’d totally forgotten about that. It’s so true — and men like Paul and Craig are at the very top of that “pyramid of moral endurance.”

Remember that, such men need spiritual fuel for their motors to keep fighting the statist onslaught. Mere expressions of gratitude are nice enough, but … well… talk is cheap. Most of all, they want the spiritual fuel of seeing others fighting alongside them, even if on a lesser scale. That’s why I’m so profoundly grateful to all the OActivists who took time out from their busy lives to contribute to the battle against Obamacare. You’ve not just been another voice in the crowd: you’ve helped keep the men of great moral endurance — our leaders in this war for our freedom — going strong.

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