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My friend Monica Hughes recently announced on FRODO that she’s using her jewelry business to raise money for the Ayn Rand Institute’s ARI Free Books to Teachers Program. I appreciate her doing that, so I thought I’d post her announcement here too. (I have absolutely no financial relationship to Monica or the program.) If you want to talk to her about the fundraiser, you can e-mail her at [email protected] or call her at 303-642-1405.

ARI Free Books to Teachers Program Fundraiser

Hello, FRO members. I am holding my own fundraiser for ARI’s Free Books to Teachers Program using my Silpada Designs jewelry business. The fundraiser starts today and ends Saturday, April 3!

As a Silpada Designs Independent Representative, I will donate 80% of the profit from this fundraiser to ARI’s Free Books to Teachers Colorado 2010-2011 campaign.

You can help in two ways.

1) View the online catalog here, then call me to make your purchase. (My phone number is 303-642-1405.) All orders will arrive at each customer’s home in time for Mother’s Day! Be sure to mention ARI’s Free Books to Teachers Program, because I am also conducting two other fundraisers in April.

2) Forward this message to Objectivists or other friends of Ayn Rand in order to promote the fundraiser to as many people as possible. When the fundraiser ends, I will post another FRODO email revealing the amount that I raised.

Even if you are not interested in taking part by making a purchase, please help me to spread the word! My own network of Objectivists is small and the number of people among those likely to make a purchase is not that large, so I need some help with exposure. I could raise thousands of dollars for ARI’s Free Books to Teachers Program and, with your help, introduce hundreds of Colorado high school students to Ayn Rand’s novels.

Thank you for your support!

Monica Hughes

More details:

Silpada offers fine sterling silver items for men, women, and girls. All Silpada pieces are vintage-inspired, handcrafted, and made of .925 sterling silver and/or precious and semi-precious stones. Silpada Designs jewelry comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s defect guarantee.

Using the online interactive catalog, you can sort by price and type of item. If you wish to view the actual print catalogs, just follow the link provided, scroll down on the left-hand sidebar, and click “View Catalogs”. In February, Silpada released 47 fabulous new items, which you can see in the Sterling Additions Catalog Supplement. The main catalog contains 485 items.

Prices range from just $14 to over $200, and there is something for every taste, style, and budget. I would be happy to help you select a gift for your loved one that will be credited toward the fundraiser.

There is a 30 day exchange and return policy on Silpada purchases.

Monica Hughes, PhD 303-642-1405

If you have any questions, please contact Monica at [email protected]. (Also, I should mention that if you’re interested in hosting a Silpada jewelry party — whether to raise funds for a cause or for your own benefit — Monica can tell you how that works.)

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