The Immediate Effects of ObamaCare

 Posted by on 23 March 2010 at 5:00 am  Health Care
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Much of the just-passed health care bill will not kick in for some years. However, this 18-point slideshow details what will happen immediately. It’s depressing, but very useful.

Then, after you watch that, I recommend following Gus Van Horn’s strategy:

There is much to say about and learn from this battle, but after this post, I am stepping back from it for most of the day. The dishonest, emotionally manipulative nature of this battle has been exhausting — revealingly, for the enemy side as well. This fight is far from over, but winning it will require not just the right ideas, but the will to fight, which can only come from moral certainty and the ability to sustain oneself by always remembering one’s values. Towards that sacred end, I recommend enjoying something one loves today, or in the near future as a means of catching a breather, of remembering what we are fighting for, of fully experiencing the independence and defiance of a free mind, and most importantly, of living the life that Nancy Pelosi’s ilk forfeited long ago, and now want to sap away from you.

Like Gus, I am profoundly grateful to all the Objectivists who stepped up to fight this fight. Lin Zinser motivated and organized us to speak out for freedom in medicine in Colorado back in 2007 and 2008. Ari Armstrong taught us so much about effective advocacy — and contributed with his own writings. John Lewis reinvigorated us with his passionate writing and speaking in defense of rights. So many OActivists wrote their representatives letter after letter, urging them to respect our rights. Even though we lost this battle, we fought harder than ever before — and we made a difference. I’m so grateful for that.

Most of all though, Paul has done amazing work, writing one clear, cogent article after another in defense of individual rights in medicine. You saw the steady steam of product; I saw the labor too. Almost every night, for months on end, Paul dove into his writing after a super-busy day reading radiology cases, often staying up into the wee hours of the morning, then waking up early for another busy day of reading cases. I couldn’t have done that: I don’t have the endurance. He made it look easy. And he’s still at it, as I write this on Monday night. I’m more proud of him than I can say.

I’m not giving up. ObamaCare must be repealed!

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